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Eziway began providing Salary Packaging administration services in 2006, having significant involvement with payroll departments nationally. We provided systems and solutions to improve business processes through our unique, cloud-based Eziway Administration System (EAS) platform.
Payroll software development was a natural progression for Eziway once we truly understood the many challenges faced by organisations and payroll departments around Australia. Eziway began gathering intelligence to deliver an end-to-end payroll solution for the Australian market.
Our development team comprised of payroll experts boasted almost 30 years of payroll administration experience. With the help of Eziway Software Development (ESD), we leveraged our existing salary packaging relationships and used market aggregated intelligence to deliver a true, all-in-one payroll software solution for Australian organisations.

What We Offer

Eziway Payroll

offer a total outsourced service or a software licensing option to meet the many and varying requirements of organisations around Australia.
Why choose the Eziway Payroll solution? Simple. We’ve put the following innovative modules into our cloud-based technology:
  • Staff Planner

    Assists the Rostering Co-ordinators to improve resource allocation and budgeting per shift, on demand. It predicts shift costs in advance for better financial management and streamlined workforce management.
  • Rostering

    On demand and flexible rostering tool that provides clear insights into roster gaps, re-allocation of shifts and employee availability at your fingertips. Mobile technology driven and can send text/email messages for vacant shifts in the Roster.
  • Time and Attendance

    Mobile App technology to record start and end times, leave management, messages to supervisors. Innovative module that removes expensive and outdated systems.
  • Time Card

    Provides total flexibility to employees, anywhere, anytime. Never wait for another timesheet again thanks to this sophisticated self-service.
  • Award Interpreter

    Configure the Awards, Pay Codes and Pay Rules for your organisation. Let the system do the rest.
  • Payroll

    The system’s power allows for simple navigation of Awards, EBA’s, tax/superannuation compliance reporting and the ability to produce General Ledger reports for importing into existing Finance applications.

What was clunky is now simple

Streamline proces

Streamline process

Free-up resources

Free-up resources

Focus on core business

Focus on core business

Reduce administration overheads

Reduce administration overheads

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